So Young Park
Artist Statement

Nature reveals the beauty of the eternal cycles of life. In order to bear fruit, plants must progress through many stages of life and different parts of the plants body are required to be sacrificed for the fruit.   However, this sacrifice does not signify the end of life, but gives birth to new life. In doing so this process creates the eternal cycles of life. Each leaf aides a plant for eternal survival. Spending time in nature renews the extrasensory connection with life, and reveals the eternal cycles of it. Nature reveals how rebirth transcends the tragedy of death.

When I look at a blooming flower, I feel enthusiastic towards exploring the inner mysteries of life. Dried plants have strong physical forms and in their special way reveal a deep sense of isolation.  I see the flower as a symbol of creation, optimism, life, and magical power.  Forms such as flowers, branches and tree trunks offer many possibilities for art created from organic shapes and natural figures.  I hope to express the inner beauty of the plant forms rather than a realistic representation.

My view of nature created passion in my soul and was a major factor towards enabling me to transform my artwork.  The natural world offers an awe-inspiring power for my work. My artistic symbolism of the natural nativity serves as a spiritual messenger for the eternal cycles of life.


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