Roland Dubuc
Artist Statement

Roland Dubuc finds his inspiration in everyday objects and in a phrase borrowed from Stravinski which has become his leitmotif.

"Inspiration consists in getting to work "

His artistic process is reflected as much in his drawings and paper models as his actual jewelry made of gold and silver.

"I approach my creative work by seeking balance between a piece of material that is transformed, and the aesthetics of the finished product.

Cut from a single piece of raw material, my jewelry combines fluid form and precise detail. The challenge lies in continually pushing the limits of a simple technique by creating complex, sculptural pieces. I proceed instinctively twisting, folding, knotting and refolding the metal as abstract forms emerge.

My work can be described as a play on form. I make delicate objects shaped with decisive saw cuts and a wink and a nod to what is considered jewelry."



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