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"Genius of Nature” Exhibition Explores Mysterious Artistry of Nature, as Interpreted by 23 Celebrated Jewelry Artists
Aaron Faber Gallery Announces October 2013 Exhibition featuring 75 New Nature-Inspired Designs

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NEW YORK, NY, 15 AUGUST 2013:  Aaron Faber Gallery has assembled 23 celebrated jewelry artists to deliver their interpretations of nature’s genius through 75 exquisite designs of nature-inspired jewelry artistry.  The exhibition, “Genius of Nature”, premieres October 2013 at the 666 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY gallery location. This exhibition will explore how, in the world of artist-made jewelry, the goldsmith’s plan mirrors the grand designs of the universe, where chaos and structure, randomness and pattern, the heat of the torch, the movement of gold, the energy of divine creation, results in an ornamental artifact of intelligent design.  

“The works curated for this exhibition look to capture this sense of the organic, of the expanding, of the not-quite-planned, as well as featuring jewels that relate more to nature’s inspiration on a graphic or visual level”, said Patricia Kiley Faber, curator of the Genius of Nature Exhibition and co-owner of Aaron Faber Gallery. “It was important to include established and emerging artists, where the collection ranges from the unexpected to the more familiar.  In all of these artists’ works, one can discern that magical energy of creativity, pattern and randomness converging as the artists’ attempt to capture something universal in a single remarkable jewel.”

The participating artists include:

  • Atelier Munsteiner
  • Atelier Zobel
  • Glenda Arentzen
  • Deborah Aguado
  • Elise Bergeron
  • Bongsang Cho
  • Jacqueline Cullen
  • Julia DeVille
  • Roland Dubuc
  • Emanuela Duca
  • Arata Fuchi
  • Michael Good
  • Emmeline Hastings
  • Ornella Iannuzzi
  • Dejan Jovanovic
  • Christy Klug
  • Juha Koskela
  • Paolo Marcolongo
  • Gigi Mariani
  • Enric  Marjoral
  • SoYoung Park
  • Linda Priest
  • Luzia Vogt

“Genius of Nature” opens October 3, 2013 and will run through October 26, 2013.

For more information and to view works from participating designers, please visit the online press room at http://geniusofnature.lmrpr.com or contact The Lilian Raji Agency at (646) 789-4427.

About Aaron Faber Gallery
Aaron Faber Gallery was founded in 1974 to present the work of studio jewelers, those artists creating one-of-a-kind jewels that are inspired by creativity and originality, made in the artist’s studio and imbued with the artist’s spirit, concept and style.

The gallery, owned by Edward and Patricia Faber is located on West 53rd Street down the block from the Museum of Modern Art, where its contemporary interior is the backdrop for changing exhibitions by studio jewelers as well as permanent collections by the gallery’s artist group. For more information, please visit www.aaronfaber.com.



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