Paolo Marcolongo
Artist Statement

My work is mainly focused on giving substance to the intangible artistic intuition, combining technical solutions and inventions between irony and philosophy.

My irony doesn't change into sarcasm. Fun and challenge of alloying iron and glass,  even if they aren't compatible, prevail. Nowadays art buds from the bind between different sizes, away from classic standards, from purity, from regularity, our art cuts across life and is contaminated by different materials, languages, techniques. The ring is round, the perfect proposition of circle, the symbol of reciprocity and loyalty.

My rings have two souls, one's metal, the other is glass: in the same object a double presence, two opposites which integrate themselves with the complexity of the coexistence between so different materials. No loyalty, no repetition, but incompatibility: and yet the result is beauty because it is synthesis.

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The Blow Shadow
A Film by Paolo Marcolongo

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