Ornella Iannuzzi
Artist Statemen

Ornella Iannuzzi is an award-winning London-based artist-jeweller, creating mainly one-of-a-kind pieces of high end jewellery. Using a wide range of natural and precious materials, her work is characterised by harmonious composition of colours and textures, with a certain attraction for the unusual. She creates complex and sculptural eye-catching shapes that appear to have occurred naturally. Unusual settings are her forte and each suits the featured gem which can be cut, rough or hand-carved. Her style is highly distinctive & powerful and it combines the souls of high fashion and avant-garde into incredibly adventurous pieces that are decidedly enigmatic, individualistic and dramatic. Her work challenges preconception of jewellery, crossing the boundaries between artwork and adornment.

“French jeweller Ornella Iannuzzi is unlike other jewellers. While many say they are inspired by nature, none do it quite like Ornella. Don't expect pretty posies or girlie whips of blossom as Ornella prefers to look at the awe-inspiring, all-powerful, thundering, erupting and exploding earth-shifting forces of Nature. [...] Born in the Alps, you can feel the raw power of Nature that must have impressed a young Ornella as she gazed at the majestic mountains that dwarf all around them. Ornella turns her fascination with the genesis of the planet into jewels that are miniature landscapes.” 

----By Maria Doulton
-------- Jewellery Editor at Financial Times




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