Linda Priest
Artist Statement

My work is small scale sculptures that are based on themes from nature, and meant to be worn.  Each piece is a statement or an environment about a living thing.  They are developed by combining imagery, textures, shapes, colors and chased surfaces.  They are made with precious metals and stone. 

The imagery that is used is sculpted directly into the metal in an ancient process called repoussee and then cut, fabricated and set with crystals or stones.  The meaning of each piece is different, some have a more serious comment to make; excess, pollution or historical messages. The majority are environments that use stone and texture to imply different things.

I have always had a strong interest in animals, insects, birds, fish, or plants.  These have been the subject of many of my pieces.  I truly started using them with a series that I did of birds.  They were mostly the wonderful long legged marsh ones. I captured the grace of their movement walking, or the elegant line of their flight.  It was not just the form of the image but that, combined with the shape of the metal, that set the tone of each piece.

I strive to create a harmony between the image, stones and metal in my work, and a balance between material and statement.





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