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Glenda Arentzen
Artist Statement

One aspect of the genius of nature might be that the forms of things of the natural world not only serve a special function through complex engineering, but also have the capacity to resonate, on a sensual level, with the human spirit.

For example, the forms and materials in the pin with the tourmaline crystal go around and around, reminding the wearer of the endless relationship of the materials of the natural world.

Glenda Arentzen is an important American studio goldsmith whose work continues to address and define jewelry-as-art. From her earliest designs, Arentzen has explored the expressive potential of traditional jewelry materials – including silver, gold, enamel and gemstones – to create very personal one-of-a-kind jewels. There is an immediacy and intensity to Arentzen’s work that raises it above the level of good jewelry design to that of art-in-metal. It is this sense of the artist’s touch as though each jewel had just left her hands that has appealed so strongly to Arentzen’s collectors over the years.

Ms. Arentzen sculpts many of her designs in wax, casting by the lost wax method. She also works directly in the metal, fabricating brooches, earrings and necklaces.  When working in gold, the artist often combines different colors -  yellow, rose, green and white-  to create the varied patterns and textures that are a hallmark of her style.

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