Enric Majoral
Artist Statement

Enric Majoral’s most personal work is creative, neither confined nor complicated by techniques or materials. Starting from the basis of intuition and experimentation as a working method he creates conceptually daring and innovative pieces which are in turn essentially modern. Refined organic forms, spontaneous lines, an almost abstract line traced on flexible metal; hollows in which inner spaces are hidden; emptiness/fullness; the intimacy of a miniature architecture; or of daring to include live beings such as lichens within the piece of jewellery. A reinvention of materials, used to make unexpected shapes.

Enric Majoral conceives the jewel as a form of expression and as a worldview. Experience, nature, his own roots and memories of places are the source of his work.  Work and life are inseparable.

For the Genius of Nature Exhibition, Majoral likes the concept of “block” for the forthright form and forceful volume suggested by the word, together with any absence of distracting elements-only the shape and space remain, as the essential shapes of the nature.






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