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Élise Bergeron
Artist Statement 

Student in visual arts at university, at the time where the conceptual art imposed itself, a professor had made me the remark that in contemporary art, the search of the beauty as such did not have its place. Its argument was based primarily on the fact that nothing beyond “nature” could be any more “beautiful”, neither in its representation nor in the artistic expression. Or, it was possible even necessary then, as artist, to get interested in “decorative arts”, “design” or the “crafts art”.

Since crafts art changed a lot. The influence of the contemporary art and its theories diverted the purpose alone to produce an object and its multiple towards a subjective artistic expression privileging the speech on the object rather than its own functionality.

The life made that my artistic training in visual arts, received before I was interested in the jewellery and his “artisanal” properties, brings back for me today to think of the remarks of my professor of university: genius of nature.



Yes, he was right.

Nevertheless, the art of the jewellery has its advantages. The materials placed at my disposal are multiple and the most valuable are of natural origin. In spite of the transformation of these minerals, gold, silver, precious and fine stones, these are exceptional products whose intrinsic properties exceed their aesthetic qualities so much desired.

The mineral world normally inorganic, is formed naturally and characterized by infinite chemical compositions and atomic fittings which are at the base of the formation of the rocks, crystals, minerals which constitute the earth's crust and the lithosphere. The mineral world includes the forces physical, geological, tectonic and evolution of the terrestrial formation and thus constitute a fundamental part of nature.



Mineralogy and geology became for me a fascination since the beginning of my trainings in jewellery. With a diploma in gemmology, this attraction is even more meanningful in my work. The crystals, their formation and the infinite pallet of colour, textures and forms are works of art, works of NATURE.

My pieces of jewellery do not try to imitate the mineral world. But starting from minerals, metals and the gems, I sketch, like a painter in front of a landscape or portraitist in front of an alive model, some telescoped features of the earth's crust on which we walk.

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