Deborah Aguado

What sets Deborah Aguado apart from other exceptional contemporary metals artists is her ability to create works, which function at several levels simultaneously. Her works are obviously meticulously executed, beautiful, highly wearable pieces of jewelry. At the same time when viewed in a contemplative context, we find in them a monumentality, which belies their actual physical size.  They can be experienced as miniatures or models for or of large architectural or sculptural projects.

Illusion and perspective are the special interests of the artist that contribute largely to these results. Many of her pieces deal with these spatial concepts, which are generally considered to be domains reserved for painters and sculptors.  Other concerns of the artist are kinetics, distortion and subtle light effects. Her geometric formalisms are rendered mobile either by hinging or a pendulum-like construction. In other pieces, a narrow slot or prismatic opening is created between the light-conducing stone and the metal beneath, allowing for a constant interplay of light between the two materials.


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