Atelier Munsteiner

Anyone who possesses even the most rudimentary knowledge about gem cutting and faceting knows about Bernd Munsteiner. This master cutter pioneered a new approach to getting the most out of gemstones, veering away from the ideal cut that had ruled the industry for so many years. It took some time but the jewelry industry, and designers in particular, saw in the odd faceting the work of a genius. Now, some forty years after he cut his first stone, he magisterially rules over the gem cutting landscape, still creating marvelous works of art with the mineral bounty of Mother Nature.

Jutta Munsteiner makes exquisite jewelry for today's sophisticated woman. The quality of her work is admired as much as is her design sense which adds an extra element of creative depth to Atelier Munsteiner.

Tom Munsteiner has made a name for himself with both his gem cutting and his cutting-edge jewelry designs. Like his father before him, he works with the essence of the stone to produce facets and carvings that are unique to him alone. Fortunately, he also designs jewelry beautifully so his gem masterpieces are also masterfully incorporated into bold jewels that are sought all over the world.

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